Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

I haven't been on your site for long, but it has been fun. It was nice to meet up with old friends and family I haven't seen in a while and some I've never seen. You have provided a wonderful way for all of us to stay connected in an interactive setting. So, thanks!

Now I know you guys are sore at Google for wanting to step on your internet turf a little and I'm sure you want to go "Mafia Wars" on them and tell them to get their cyber-hineys back on their own "Farmville." But, you know, the internet is a big, big place and I think there is room for all of us to play nice whether in the social networking world, search engine universe or whatever our particular thing is on the net. I'm sure you guys have sat around sipping S-Bucks and strategizing on how you can push back at the Google clan and let them know who's boss. I got it. I understand. And, maybe part of that strategery was to make Facebook a little more spicier for us "Facers" so we wouldn't jump ship and onto Google's new party boat. Maybe you had the best intentions. However....

Fear is often a dangerous motivator and in your zeal to spiff up the joint, you actually made it tackier than Elvis and Lady GaGa decorating a basement for a Bah-mitzvah. Now I'm all for creative innovations, but the "new look" and layout of Facebook seems rather jumbled and overwhelming; not to mention all of the errors from things suddenly not working or freezing up. As an example, as a consumate "Twitterer," I love the simplicity of the layout there. Not too many whistles and bells and I can choose which functions and apps I want, to some extent. They make sense and Twitter is in constant touch with their users on feedback and suggestions and even critiques of the overall site. I know both sites work well together, so maybe, take a cue from them. I beleive they call that good 'customer service.' Granted, most of us don't pay for all of this Facebook fun and frivolity, yet if it weren't for us, Facebook wouldn't have the clout of huge numbers to help sell ads and links.

I have heard rumblings and grumblings from many a "Facer" who is considering ditching Facebook all together. That would be too bad. It would ultimately play into the hands of all the other social networking sites and, dare I say, Google? Yes, this could all blow back in your face(book). This situation is analigous to a wife who thinks that the new secretary at the office where hubby works, may turn her man's head too often. So, feeling insecure, the wife gets a make-over and ends up looking like a cheap hooker or a clown and actually turns the hubby off; the very thing she feared! In reallity, the husband loved his wife just the way she was. Facebook, we users are the husband and you are the wife. We loved you just how you were.

That tired, Billy Joel song comes to mind right now, "Just The Way You Are." We still love you Facebook. Take off that silly wig and the fire engine, red lipstick. Look in the mirror and love what you see and what you have done to change social networking. The Beatles said it well; "Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged." Please Facebook, get it back to something a little less error prone, confusing, and more like it was. Otherwise, the song by One Republic, "Too Late to Apologize," could becomes your theme. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Thanks.

From my smiling face to yours,
Richie L.

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